“Relive the Grandeur of the British Raj” – Tour of Upper Assam, the State of Assam, Incredible India!

Jungleideas welcomes you to the Tour of Reliving the Grandeur of the British Raj in Assam. The British had come to Assam in the early 1800’s much before the State had gone under the British rule. They had come to seek for alternates to the Tea of China when their Tea trade with China had run into rough weather. It was here in Assam that they discovered the “Camellia Asamica” (better renowned today as the Assam CTC Tea) and in 1839 the Assam Company was incorporated that started producing and exporting the famous Assam Tea).

Gradually, the knowledge of the bountiful lands of Assam reached the ears of the other powerful men of the ‘British Raj’ who visited this land in search of opportunities to explore other availability of natural resources. It was during the visit of Mr. John Berry White, a civil surgeon, who found out the possibility of coal in Assam. Under his able guidance the Makum Coalfield was discovered and coal mines were opened at Tikak (1884), Namdang (1896), Tirap (1904), Baragolai (1909), Tipong (1924) and Namdang Dip Mine (1904). These expeditions also lead to the discovery of Oil when the first Oil well was dug at Digboi on October 19th 1889 resulting in the establishment of Asia’s oldest Oil Refinery at Digboi. Timber requirements were harnessed from the abundant forests at the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. Tea exports needed plywood boxes that led to the establishment of Asia’s first Plywood Factory at Margherita. ‘Til this time it was only the British who came here. It was only during the Second World War than Americans came to Assam to setup one of the toughest challenges to beat the Japanese – ‘Building the famous Stilwell Road across the Pangsau Pass (Hell Pass)’. Under the able guidance of General Vinegar Joe Stilwell the Stilwell Road was constructed and it helped in restoring the Allies contact with the Chinese troops that proved as a major step in crushing the Imperial Japanese Army. Traces of American establishment can be found here at the Military Hospital at Margherita.

During your tour to Upper Assam:

  • Enjoy your stay at the heritage Tea Bungalow at Tinsukia/Dibrugarh
  • Visit the Railway Museum at Tinsukia that showcases the establishment of Dibru Sadiya Railway by the British
  • Experience the Grandeur of the Longest Bridge in India ~ the ‘Dhola Sadiya’ Bridge
  • Visit the Oil Refinery and observe History of Oil at Digboi Museum
  • Visit the Coal Mines at Tirap Colliery and Tipong Colliery
  • Tread along the Stilwell Road
  • Visit the Historic Ledo Airstrip and the Lekhapani Railway Station
  • Witness and Indulge in Tea plucking with Tea Garden Tribes at Ledo
  • Visit India’s only Coal Museum at Margherita
  • Spot the centenary old Steam Locomotives by W G Bagnall at Margherita and Tipong
  • Enjoy Ecotourism at its best with the Singpho Tribes of Assam
  • Be a part of the Tour of Reliving the Grandeur of the British Raj powered by Jungleideas

In this tour you will also visit one the best bio diversity spots of India – The National Park of Dibru-Saikhowa that is known for its population of White winged wood duck in its natural habitat and also for its bright colored Wild Horses known as Feral Horses. Some rare and endangered animals of this sanctuary are Hoolock Gibbon, Capped Langur, Slow loris, Water Buffalo, Tiger, Elephant, Gangetic river dolphin, etc.

Tour Itinerary ~

Day 1: Arrive at Dibrugarh Airport. On arrival you will be received by our representative at the airport offering a warm welcome in traditional Assamese style. From the Airport drive to Tinsukia. Check into the Tea Garden Bungalow. In the late afternoon we will visit the Borajan Wildlife Sanctuary at Tinsukia. In the Evening we will visit the Heritage Railway Museum at Tinsukia. Night stay at the Heritage Tea Garden Bungalow.

Day 2: Early morning we will take a tour of the National Park of Dibru Saikhowa aboard a River Cruise. Breakfast/Lunch will be served aboard the River Cruise. After the River Cruise we will visit the ‘Napukhuri’ Pond at Tinsukia that was dug in 1791 and is a popular tourist attraction here. Night stay at a Comfortable Hotel.

Day 3: After breakfast depart to Roing in Arunachal Pradesh. On our journey we will travel over the Longest Bridge in India ~ the ‘Dhola Sadiya’ Bridge on the mighty Brahmaputra River. Check into Tourist Lodge/Eco Cottages at Roing. Evening visit the local market at Roing. Night halt at Tourist Lodge/Eco Cottages at Roing.

Day 4: Early morning we will depart to Mayodia Pass. At an altitude of above 3000 feet Mayodia Pass is one of the toughest motorable roads in North East India. Admire the breath taking beauty of the snow capped mountains at Mayodia and later depart to the Legendary oil town of Digboi. Night stay at a comfortable Guest House.

Day 5: After breakfast we will proceed to see the World War II cemetery at Digboi that has around 200 burials of British Soldiers who laid down their lives during line of duty at the World War II. Later we will depart to the Digboi Museum that will give you an elaborate display of the Oil history of Assam during the British Regime. After lunch we will visit the Digboi Park from where you will get an Excellent view of the Digboi refinery. Evening we will go to Margherita. Night halt at a comfortable Hotel/Guest House and evening Bon fire will be arranged.

Day 6: After breakfast depart to the Faneng Village in Lekhapani to witness the rich culture and traditions of the Tai Phake Tribes of Assam. On our way we will visit the Historic Lekhapani Railway Station. Spend time with the local tribal people and understand their way of living. Our journey will continue to the border of Arunachal Pradesh where we will visit the World War II cemetery at Jairampur. Enjoy traditional Singpho lunch at the Singpho Restaurant in Jagun. On our way back to Margherita we will visit Tipong Colliery and get a glimpse of the Oldest Operational Steam Locomotives in the World here. Visit the Sumi Naga Village at Tipong. Night halt at the Hotel.

Day 7: After Breakfast we will visit the Tirap Colliery to experience open cast coal mining. Later we will visit the International Meditation Center at the Mounglang Buddhist monestary and also visit the Historic Ledo Airstrip. Afternoon lunch will be served at the Singpho Villa Restaurant. In the afternoon we will visit India’s only Coal Museum at Margherita. This museum has many historical artifacts from the Second World War. Visi the remains of the 20th General Hospital at Margherita which was built by the American Army during World War II and was rated as a Class A Hospital of the American Army. Night halt at the Singpho Eco Lodge at Margherita.

Day 8: In the morning we will visit the nearby Singpho village where you will get to experience traditional Singpho life and see the ladies weaving exclusive Singpho handlooms. Enjoy your first hand experience at Tea plucking with the Tea garden tribes of Assam. Later we will visit the remains of the Namdang Colliery at Namdang. Seek blessings at the Muslim Shrine of the Namdang Bibi Majhar. Enjoy your drive along the beautiful roads along the well kept Tea gardens. Drive to Changlang and witness the beauty of Landscape where the clouds kiss the mountains. Late afternoon we will visit the Asia’s first plywood factory at Margherita. Night Halt at the Singpho Eco Lodge.

Day 9: Early morning visit the Buddhist Monastery near the Eco Lodge. After breakfast you will depart to the Dibrugarh Airport for your onward destination. Trip Ends. Bid Adieu.

Image Gallery ~

Assam Coal Mining, Tipong Colliery steam locomotives, Singpho Eco Lodge Margherita, Ecotourism Homestay in Assam, Tribes and Festivals of Assam and North East India
The Heritage ‘Wathai’ Tea Garden Bungalow at Tinsukia
Assam Coal Mining, Tipong Colliery steam locomotives, Singpho Eco Lodge Margherita, Ecotourism Homestay in Assam, Tribes and Festivals of Assam and North East India
The Railway Heritage Park and Museum at Tinsukia
Longest Bridge in India, Bridge on mighty River Brahmaputra, Bogibeel Bridge Dibrugarh Assam, Assam Tourism Operator, Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Dholla Sadiya Bridge at Sadiya Ghat
Aerial view of the Longest Bridge in India – the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge on the mighty river Brahmaputra at Sadiya in Assam

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